Kai-Zen Retirement

Make Tax-free Retirement a Possibility 

Kai-Zen, a joint funding policy that multiplies your supplementary retirement income and more.

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Over 90% of highly compensated individuals earning more than $250,000 a year are chronically under-saving for their retirement. Regular retirement saving plans only cover 20% of what you need to sustain your current lifestyle. 

Furthermore, 74% of the amount received at retirement comes from the amount invested, while only 26% depends on the interests generated from those channels. 

Based on the annual income of highly compensated individuals, there is a good chance that they have maxed out on their 401K, so there is a pressing need for supplementary saving vehicles. 

Additionally, a single medical emergency could wipe out entire hard-earned savings. The Kai-Zen policy’s smart leverage approach can prevent such scenarios by helping you accrue 60-100% more for your golden years compared to self-funded alternatives. 

Understanding the Kai-Zen Method

Kai-Zen is a revolutionary retirement savings concept with Japanese origins, alluding to continuous improvement paving the way for significant growth. While many individuals conventionally apply leverage for their mortgage and car payments, Kai-Zen uses leverage to provide policyholders with more protection and growth for their retirement. 

How Does Kai-Zen Work?

A Kai-Zen policy involves joint funding between the policyholder and the bank. In the arrangement, the bank pays roughly 60-70% of the premium for the retirement plan. 

Similar to a bank mortgage where owners leverage their assets to purchase more property, the Kai-Zen policyholder acquires more benefits via leverage. Policyholders achieve this by assigning the down payment of their cash accumulating life insurance policy as collateral. 

First Five Years

The policyholder pays their portion of the premium, while the lending institution finances the remaining premiums for the policy. Kai-Zen includes this annual contribution phase to foster trust between policyholders and the lending institution. 

Six to Ten Years 

Policyholders complete their end of the obligation while the lending institution continues to service the remaining premiums for the policy. 

11 to 15 Years

During this portion of the policy, policyholders may substantially increase the accumulated value while the lender’s note projects completion at the end of this period. 

In this phase, policyholders may look forward to maximum potential growth with their interest based on a major market index. At the same time, an added security feature known as the floor prevents policyholders from suffering the effects of market downturns. 

16 Years and Beyond

Potential policy cash value accumulation is projected and distributed according to the policyholder’s needs via supplemental retirement income. 

As a result of leverage from the financial lender (bank), policyholders pay for their premium at a ratio of 3:1 while enjoying the full benefits of a pricier plan. For example, a policyholder who invests $150,000 may look forward to $1.2 million in tax-free retirement income, a significant boost to sustain their current lifestyle. 

Challenging Leverage Concerns

It is common for insurance policyholders to raise various concerns when considering leverage-based plans. Some of the common worries include higher interest rates, the risks of losses, alongside complicated and tedious paperwork. Kai-Zen offers all the privileges of a leveraged account without the setbacks. 

Tax Considerations

Taxes make up a huge factor in the profitability of retirement savings plans. The government constantly reevaluates taxes, and the percentage remains uncertain for the next decade. Standard savings like 401(k) or deferred compensation plans are liable to taxation, which can significantly reduce the amount of cash for your retirement. 

Alternatively, the Kai-Zen plan enables policyholders to enjoy tax-free retirement with peace of mind, with policies unaffected by future income and capital gain taxes. 

Advantages of Kai-Zen Retirement

Kai Zen is a unique index life insurance policy that uses leverage to help policyholders acquire the benefits they need to enjoy a more fulfilling and sustainable retirement. 

No Loan Underwriting 

While Kai-Zen applies leverage, the policy keeps the loan secure based on your cash value, without the need for additional loan underwriting, obligations, or similar documentation. Begin your Kai-Zen journey with minimal fuss or complications. 

Stable Policy

Kai-Zen policies provide policyholders with additional coverage against sudden life crises such as critical and chronic illnesses. Additionally, experts have studied the policies with stress test scenarios involving high interest rates and discovered that Kai-Zen remains sustainable. 

Furthermore, Kai-Zen has no negative returns, so the policy value continues to grow despite unpredictable market declines. 

Low Risks, Improved Returns

The Kai-Zen policy helps you achieve tax-free retirement with no interest payments. In addition, there are no loan obligations beyond the policy prices. Since Kai-Zen policies are not securities, policyholders do not face the common risks associated with margin loans. As such, you stand to benefit from high returns while limiting your overall risk profile.  


Kai-Zen policyholders may use their supplementary retirement amount for various purposes according to specific needs. For example, individuals may re-channel their death benefits upfront for the treatment of chronic and terminal illnesses. 

In addition, the sum within a Kai-Zen account continues to grow, providing policyholders with an estimated 80% upside crediting without market risks. Individuals may also choose to make tax-free withdrawals while enjoying tax-deferred growth. 

What’s Next?

In summary, with Kai-Zen, policyholders may look forward to:

-Diversified portfolios

-Up to 60% growth in death benefit protection and supplementary retirement income

-Added Healthcare Protection

-Continuous enjoyment of current lifestyle

-Proactive life insurance that drives additional investment opportunities

Many external factors may arise during the path to retirement, including health considerations, the risks of lawsuits, fluctuating taxes, and uncertain economic events. A flexible and accelerated retirement policy like Kai-Zen can provide you with the added assurance to overcome the sudden storms and enjoy your retirement without stress and money woes.  

If you are interested in enjoying a tax-free retirement without compromising your current lifestyle, it is time to consider the Kai-Zen Invest method. By arranging for a 15-minute demo, we can help answer the lingering questions you may have regarding the policy and put your mind at ease. 

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