I have been a licensed life and health agent for over a decade and grew up in Virginia’s Hampton Roads area. I became an agent because I had family members pass away with no coverage and limited knowledge about how life insurance works. I wanted to help other people avoid having family members and loved ones in that same situation.

I take the agent’s role very seriously and work very closely with my clients to understand their needs and then work with them to find the right insurance products that fit those needs within their budget. Our team always makes sure that our clients understand that your insurance needs are not static. Your financial and family situation changes as you move through different life stages, and the insurance products you need change as your life changes.

After understanding your financial situation and personal needs, our team will make recommendations about the kinds of products you should consider. However, I take pride in the fact that our approach is not one of high-pressure sales; instead, we help you understand the products available to help alleviate the concerns you have regarding your family and loved ones’ financial stability, all while staying within your budget.