Why Kai-Zen Retirement Might Be Right For You

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Are you nearing retirement? Have you been relentlessly searching for a way to maximize your investments? Finding a reputable and reliable vessel to provide you with supplemental income can be a daunting task. With Kai-Zen retirement, investing is both efficient and effective. 

What Is Kai-Zen Retirement?

A Kai-Zen retirement plan is a unique and expeditious way to maximize your current assets and turn them into a reliable income stream for retirement. This plan is a tax-free way to leverage your assets for a reliable savings plan that will benefit you as you enter the golden years of retirement. 

Kai-Zen Phases

During the first five years of the plan, the policyholder pays the required premium as a sign of their trustworthiness to the bank. Over the next five years, the lending service continues premium payment on the plan until the premiums are met. In the next five-year phase (10 to 15 years), policyholders may maximize growth based on a major market index. At this time, an added security feature is known as “the floor” protects the policyholder from market declines. Beyond this period, the accumulated cash value is distributed to the policyholder as they see fit. 

Kai-Zen Premium 

Policyholders pay their premium for a Kai-Zen policy at a ratio of 3:1, which allows for maximum benefit at a third of the cost of normal plans. For example, if a policyholder invests $100,000 into the plan, they’d reap the benefits of up to $800,000 in tax-free retirement income. In short, Kai-Zen is truly the most efficient way to maximize potential retirement income.

What Makes Kai-Zen Possible?

Initiating a Kai-Zen retirement plan consists of assigning the down payment of a policyholder’s cash-accumulating life insurance policy (Universal Life) as collateral for the lending institution. The benefit of this assignment is the maximization of the use of your accumulated cash value for the benefit of a premium that is reduced by nearly 70% for your retirement plan.

Much like leveraging your assets for a loan on your home, Kai-Zen utilizes the asset of your life insurance policy to work symbiotically with your retirement plan to make the process more cost-effective. Many individuals draw concern regarding leverage-based plans. However, with Kai Zen, there are no increasing interest rates, taxation, risks of losses, or underwriting requirements. Kai Zen retirement plans aim to maximize the use of your assets.

What Makes Kai-Zen Unique?

There are many benefits of utilizing a Kai-Zen retirement plan. This plan combines your current assets with a potential retirement income that maximizes earning potential tax-free with minimal risk.


Taxes are a huge factor when it comes to accumulating sufficient funds that will adequately provide for your lifestyle during retirement. 401(k)s and IRAs are subject to taxation from the IRS, thus minimizing your income potential during retirement. Kai-Zen retirement plans allow policyholders to enjoy tax-free cash accumulation. Future income and capital gain taxes do not affect policies.


There are no interest payments in a Kai-Zen retirement plan. There are no obligations to the policyholder aside from paying the required premium in the first five years of the life of the policy. Likewise, these policies are not securities, and thus do not warrant risks associated with margin loans. 

Kai-Zen Retirement: The Logical Choice

Kai-Zen retirement provides all of the benefits of financing and life insurance to offer potential policyholders more protection. Also, policyholders have the potential to earn more for their retirement by utilizing their current life insurance assets. Furthermore, self-funded alternatives pale in comparison to the 60% better supplemental retirement income provided by Kai-Zen retirement plans. For more information regarding how a Kai-Zen retirement plan will benefit you, contact Begus Insurance Group today!