Kai-Zen Retirement: Frequently Asked Questions

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Your earning potential is your most valuable asset. Protecting and prolonging that asset is why individuals need a reputable insurer. Begus Insurance Group offers a supplemental retirement policy that is guaranteed to accumulate retirement income at a much faster rate than a typical 401(k). Kai-Zen Retirement makes for an efficient way to generate funds for those who are entering retirement.

What Is Kai-Zen Retirement?

Kai-Zen insurance is a joint funding retirement policy that allows individuals to multiply their retirement income tax-free. Moreover, this revolutionary retirement savings policy of Japanese origin utilizes leverage to provide policyholders with exponential growth for their retirement income.

Kai-Zen policies involve joint funding of the policy premium between the policyholder and the lending service. The policyholder is only responsible for 30 to 40% of the policy premium whereas the lending service pays the other amount. 

This form of retirement plan is similar to leveraging assets for a bank mortgage. Yet, Kai- Zen plans have an opposite function. For instance, Kai Zen policyholders acquire their benefits via leverage. The policyholder uses the cash-accumulating facet of their life insurance policy as collateral. Kai-Zen offers all the privileges of a leveraged account without the setbacks. The policyholder will have no worries when it comes to higher interest rates, the risks of losses, or complicated paperwork in a Kai-Zen plan.

Who Qualifies for Kai-Zen?

Almost 90% of individuals earning over $250,000 a year do not have adequate savings for retirement. Most retirement plans merely cover 20% of what individuals need to maintain their current lifestyles. 

Most 401(k)s for highly compensated individuals are not sufficient vehicles for retirement savings, as most are maxed out by retirement. 401(k)s and IRAs act as vessels to accumulate retirement funding but in reality, they are more like savings accounts subject to taxation that pale in comparison to Kai Zen retirement plans.

If you are nearing retirement or would like to prepare for retirement, then a Kai-Zen Policy might be right for you. The comparison between out-of-pocket costs to what you’ll be earning differs greatly, as the lending service shares in the majority of premium payments.

What Are the Advantages of Kai-Zen?

Kai-Zen is a streamlined service of supplemental income designed to provide the policyholder with peace of mind. Therefore, with Kai-Zen, the common worries regarding savings for retirement, premium, taxation, interest rates, and investment risk are all washed away.

No Underwriting Requirements

Kai-Zen policies secure your bank loan utilizing the accumulated cash value of your life insurance policy. As a result, this diffuses the need for any documentation or underwriting. Universal Life policies accumulate cash value. If you are wondering which life insurance policy would best suit your Kai-Zen needs, consult with Begus Insurance Group today! 

Low Risk

Kai-Zen policies offer tax-free savings for retirement. Kai-Zen policies are not securities and therefore there are no margin loans or any of the risks associated with them. Also, there are no loan obligations beyond policyholder payment of the premium for the first 5 years. Furthermore, after 5 years, the bank will account for all premium payments. 


Kai-Zen insurance acts as a safeguard in events that are detrimental to your health. Additional coverage is provided in the event of a chronic or critical illness. 

Kai-Zen protects from market downturns and volatility. With Kai-Zen, there are no negative returns. It is truly a modern marvel in the insurance market.

Where Can I Learn More About Kai-Zen?

If you are interested in protecting yourself with life insurance and a Kai-Zen retirement plan, consider a universal life policy that accumulates cash value over a short period of time. In doing so, you will be utilizing a cost-effective alternative to a savings account. Not only will it provide the financial stability for you to continue your preferred lifestyle during retirement, but it will protect your loved ones in the event of a loss. Contact Begus Insurance Group today to learn more!