How Kai-Zen Retirement is Changing the Future

retirement plan under glasses and pen

Kai-Zen retirement is a new form of retirement savings plan that is shaking up the western world of insurance. Kai-Zen insurance is a unique blend of financing and life insurance. The layout of Kai-Zen is of Japanese origin and makes optimal use of retirement savings and life insurance policies. The symbiotic nature in which both policies operate enables the policyholder to receive maximum benefits while minimizing investment risk. 

A Retirement Plan You Can Count On

The Kai-Zen method allows policyholders to utilize their current assets in their life insurance policy to leverage sufficient financial protection concerning retirement savings. 

When it comes time for retirement, many individuals lack the necessary funds in their retirement savings accounts to maintain their current lifestyle. 401(k)s and IRAs work for some, but the cruel reality is that it is rare to receive everything an individual has put into these vessels back at an equal or greater value.

Kai-Zen Retirement ensures policyholders’ value. Kai-Zen makes the most of your current life insurance policy by leveraging its cash value to provide an adequate income stream for retirement. Most retirement savings plans feature interest rates, taxation, underwriting requirements, and insufficient financial coverage. Kai-Zen is a tax-free outlet in which a policyholder only pays roughly 30 to 40% of the policy premium.

Utilizing Your Assets

The design of Kai-Zen insurance policies enables maximum efficiency. The cash value of your life insurance policy is used as leverage for the bank to provide funding for your Kai-Zen retirement plan. 

During the first few years, policyholders pay the required premium as a sign of trust for the lending service. After that short period, the lending service provides the premium payments once the policyholder pays the policy. In comparison to an IRA or 401(k), a Kai-Zen retirement plan is the most effective and efficient way to streamline the process of cash accumulation in larger amounts than what is typically available as the cash value in your life insurance policy.

Vanguard Financial Stability & Personal Health

Kai-Zen insurance is a new form of investment in the world of insurance, and it is making a splash. Many companies are scrambling to understand and develop sufficient ways to offer Kai-Zen insurance to their policyholders. Begus Insurance Group has developed and perfected the most streamlined way for policyholders to be adequately covered for both retirement and medical emergencies. 

Kai-Zen insurance has safeguards in place that protect the policyholder as well as their policy. Kai-Zen provides additional coverage in the event of critical or chronic illness. Policyholders with a Kai-Zen plan can use their supplementary retirement value for various reasons according to their needs. With a Kai-Zen plan, policyholders can utilize their death benefit for the treatment of chronic and terminal illnesses.

A Powerhouse Hybrid

There is no question that Kai-Zen is the embodiment of everything insurance and retirement should be. Also, there is no reason why policies that you pay a premium for shouldn’t maximize your earning potential. As well as for premium policies to allow you to make the most out of your investments. Kai-Zen is revolutionizing the insurance field and providing more and more individuals with peace of mind as it pertains to their savings and their protection. For more information regarding Kai-Zen retirement, contact a Begus Insurance Group agent today!