Life Insurance
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Term Life Insurance: Why Age Matters When Purchasing It

Age is a prominent factor when determining which life insurance policy is most suitable for you. Term Life insurance policies base your premium off of your age. Therefore the younger you are at policy inception, the lower your future premiums will be. Age, health, and family health history are all significant factors when it comes…
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Why Kai-Zen Retirement Might Be Right For You

Are you nearing retirement? Have you been relentlessly searching for a way to maximize your investments? Finding a reputable and reliable vessel to provide you with supplemental income can be a daunting task. With Kai-Zen retirement, investing is both efficient and effective.  What Is Kai-Zen Retirement? A Kai-Zen retirement plan is a unique and expeditious…
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How Kai-Zen Retirement is Changing the Future

Kai-Zen retirement is a new form of retirement savings plan that is shaking up the western world of insurance. Kai-Zen insurance is a unique blend of financing and life insurance. The layout of Kai-Zen is of Japanese origin and makes optimal use of retirement savings and life insurance policies. The symbiotic nature in which both…
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Kai-Zen Retirement: Frequently Asked Questions

Your earning potential is your most valuable asset. Protecting and prolonging that asset is why individuals need a reputable insurer. Begus Insurance Group offers a supplemental retirement policy that is guaranteed to accumulate retirement income at a much faster rate than a typical 401(k). Kai-Zen Retirement makes for an efficient way to generate funds for…
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The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Insurance for Your Family

Term and permanent life insurance policies make the lives of your loved ones a little easier if you die unexpectedly. But you can extend that coverage to cover the most special people in your life — to protect your own interests. A life insurance policy on a relative or romantic partner gives everyone in the…
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Do My Kids Need To Pay For My Funeral?

Many of us reach a time in our lives when our age and health cause more concern. Our thoughts might turn to the feelings of loss and despair our children will face. Losing a parent is difficult, and in the sudden onset of loss, the last thing you want is for your child or children…
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Five Things to Know About Life Insurance

Life insurance represents a major factor both in personal finance and financial security for Americans. It’s a method of ensuring that should the worst happen, your loved ones will not be at a loss for basic necessities. However, in spite of its critical nature, many Americans do not prioritize life insurance coverage. This is due…
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