What Are the Benefits Of Choosing A Medicare Advantage Plan?

medicare advantage concept image, medicare written on board under stethoscope

Medicare Advantage plans offer many solutions to cover out-of-pocket costs. Medicare Advantage (also known as Medicare Part C) merges original Medicare (Part A & Part B) to offer services that don’t normally come in the original Medicare. The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 introduced Medicare Part C as a more cost-effective plan that would prove to offer many added benefits to those of original Medicare.

Features of Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C)

Medicare Advantage plans operate similarly to an HMO or PPO plan. Medicare Part C utilizes private insurers to determine what services the individual needs. Meanwhile, Medicare directly compensates the private insurers and they do not require payment from the individual.

It is necessary for individuals to continue paying for their Medicare benefits as well as for their Medicare Advantage plan. However, the design of all facets of Medicare (Parts A-D) aims to make health care easy and affordable for people who are over the age of 65, diagnosed with a disability, or experiencing permanent kidney failure. Medicare Advantage is an affordable facet of Medicare that features many benefits not normally available with Medigap or original Medicare.


Most Medicare Advantage plans provide full dental coverage. Original Medicare does not offer dental coverage, so this is an added benefit of having a Medicare Advantage plan.

Dental coverage within a Medicare Advantage plan provides patients with added benefits such as access to networks of qualified dentists, price protection, cost-sharing, and out-of-pocket spending limits.

Coverages for dental under a Medicare Advantage plan include routine dental exams, X-rays, routine teeth cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, root canals, and many more. 


Medicare Advantage plans that offer vision coverage may cover things like eyeglasses and contact lenses, upgraded frames, routine exams, and preventative exams.

Certain Medicare Advantage plans will even cover specific retailers. Nevertheless, coverage is always dependent on individual needs and location.


Original Medicare does not cover hearing aids but will cover hearing exams. In contrast, Medicare Advantage plans offer the benefit of full coverage for hearing aids. 

A recent study showed that over 88% of Medicare Advantage plans in the US offered coverage for hearing aids. In fact, almost 30 million adults in America need hearing aids and could benefit from their qualifications for original Medicare and Medicare Part C.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Part C offers coverage for medications that have been prescribed by a doctor. Nearly 300 prescription drugs are covered by Medicare Advantage, making out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions nearly obsolete.

Prescription drug coverage is entirely dependent upon coverage location and the patient’s underlying need for the medication. Work with your preferred doctor to determine which prescription drugs will be covered under your Medicare Advantage plan.

Health & Fitness Coverage

Depending on location and the type of Medicare Advantage plan, most Part C plans will cover membership fees and costs associated with physical health in regards to physical fitness and well-being.

Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan

Finding the right Medicare Advantage plan should be an easy and beneficial process. With Medicare Advantage, many of the benefits Original Medicare does not offer become available at a cost-effective rate. Reach out to the Begus Insurance Group for more information. We assure you that our agents at Begus Insurance Group will help you choose a plan that suits your needs best.